Trekking In Patagonia


We decided to start off our first trip to Argentina “Carmen and Andy style” with a few days of trekking in southern Patagonia! After riding on five planes, 2 taxis, a van, and a bus we arrived 7,000 miles from Grand Rapids, MI in El Chaltén, a tiny town at the 49th parallel nestled just […]

Jordan River Valley Excursion


This month, we decided to take a break from the city with a journey to Michigan’s Jordan River, an 80% spring fed waterway that was the first to be Federally designated as a “wild and scenic” river in Michigan . The river valley is a 160 mile drive straight north of Grand Rapids, so it […]

Nordhouse Dunes


A few weekends ago we backpacked at the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area in Northern Michigan with our friends Avik and Bridget. Besides the amazing weather, exercise and relaxation, we ate Andy’s coconut milk goat curry with couscous, a dish that would have been amazing at home but was even better on the beach. Recipe follows…. […]

Alaska Tour Stats


32 days, 31 nights (16 in Canada, 15 in the U.S) 8,671 driving miles (Andy,8561; Carmen, 110; Dad, 0) 140 hours in the car 100 miles driven on dirt roads 60 miles driven on “roller coaster” permafrost damaged pavement 29 gas fill ups (we made around 30 MPG in our station wagon) 12 states and […]

Off the Road in Tok


The town name Tok is reason enough for musicians to plan a visit; combine that with passionate and caring organizers and it makes for an awesome tour stop. In Tok we gave a tango class and a house concert at the Off the Road House, a Bed and Breakfast down a series of dirt roads […]

Not A Bad View Eh


We drove to a spectacular park in the southwest Yukon today called Kluane (Kloo-WA-nee). It contains Canada’s highest and the world’s largest non-polar alpine ice field in the world. Kluane is also part of a chain of parks in Alaska, Yukon, and B.C. that make up the world’s single largest internationally protected area. In the […]

Atlin Music Festival


We performed our first gig of the tour today at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival, a multi-disciplinary festival that presents music, dance, art, storytelling, poetry and film in the northern most town in British Columbia. Our venue, Kershaws, was an old hardware store converted into a coffee shop. It had a view out the […]

On the Prairie


We just completed 2 days of driving through Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and western Alberta. Some 1300 miles in all. Andy navigated us through a minor Bison snag today in Elk Island National Park. On the eating end of things, we had a fantastic lunch in the car yesterday while we drove through Lloydminster, […]

Treasure Box Empanadas


It’s the first day of our Alaska tour and we’re in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Me and Tom Dad offered many thanks to Andy who made 6, shoe size empanadas to get us through our last night of packing and our first day of driving. Not only did these serve the functional purpose of cleaning out […]

Alaska Tour Itinerary


We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks getting ready for the upcoming Alaska tour. Here is what we’ll be doing the whole month of July as we drive our way to Fairbanks and back! Tour Stop 1: Atlin Arts and Music Festival, British Columbia We’ll be giving a tango workshop and performance at the Festival […]

Glacier and Highway 2


This winter break Andy and I traveled on Amtrak from Grand Rapids, MI to Glacier National Park.  The 36 hour train ride follows highway 2 through North Dakota and Montana, a highway with which Andy and I have developed a fascination. It is an easy going two lane road that can be driven all the […]

Redefining Road Food


Luke said that he ate better “roughing it” on the tour than he does at home. Between our own car and camp cooking and home stays we were graced with delicious food for the past two weeks. We certainly know musicians who include a detailed description of food requirements in their performance agreements, however this […]

Whirlwind End of the Tour


It has been difficult keeping up with the blog during the last five days of the tour. We have been driving an average of 6.6 hours a day and sleeping only 6 in addition to playing gigs, camping, and cooking along the way. After our gig in Ventura, CA we drove through the parking lot […]

We Made it to Cali


Andy is a professional driver. He made it from Salt Lake to downtown L.A. in ten hours flat! Once we arrived we picked up Avik in Santa Monica and made our way to Malibu Creek State Park for the night. The day of our gig at the Candlelight Bar in Ventura we spent hiking, visiting […]

Kansas to Denver


After our gig in Champaign we made a nine and half hour drive to a campsite in central Kansas. So far, Carmen is the self appointed Tetris master of car packing. Her goal is to get at least 2 inches for Andy to see out the back window. In the car, we entertained our self […]

The Cowboy


We just played a really cool show at the Cowboy Monkey in Champaign, Il and it turns out there really is a Cowboy Monkey! Whiplash! He was a monkey trained to ride on a Border Collie in rodeos. Check out whiplash Thanks to Joe Grohens for setting this up! Lots of enthusiastic dancing! and…thanks to […]

2nd U.S. Tango Tour


Well, its been 3 years since we “officially” toured for tango and we are almost off for a two week whirlwind of milonga performances across the country. This year’s adventure will take us to the southwest! We’ll be driving a newly purchased 2004 Ford Focus Wagon that will eventually carry 5 people plus music and […]